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Just like our standard alphabet, Klodin Erb’s “Alphabet der Heiligen” (Alphabet of the saints) is made up of 26 letters. She approached the work (creating all the pages simultaneously) like a musician on a sound mixer, sampling all the individual elements to form something larger akin to a melody. Another important aspect for Erb is the composition’s feel on a sensory level: the transience of the newspaper paper, the fluidity of the gouache, the shiny surface of the sprayed parts, the various textures of the different sorts of collaged paper... Not only do these elements comprise the substance of Erb’s personal artistic language, but at the same time, by allowing observers various combination options, they enable a highly personalized reading. This foundation for a potential language evolved from a sense of personal urgency – with this cycle she investigates such questions as “Where do we come from, and where are we going?” and “Where do we stand right now?” In this way she also responded to Google’s merger with eight multinational firms to become a supremely powerful corporation by the name of Alphabet Inc. This publication accompanies the exhibition “Klodin Erb: Die Wolfslaterne” at Kunsthaus Pasquart, Biel, Switzerland from January 28 to April 1, 2018.

EditorKunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart Biel/Bienne
TextCathérine Hug
DesignKatarina Lang
DetailsPaperback, 33 x 24 cm, 62 pages, 25 ills. in color
Publication date02/18
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