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Public Art Vienna (KÖR) does not consider art in the public space as decoration but rather as a means of exploring subjects and aesthetic accents but also as a symbolic marking of territories that abstained from culture. It is also about socio-political issues and reflecting on the potential art has in the public domain and in Vienna itself.

This publication documents the plurality of the projects from the years 2007 to 2010. In this period, KÖR realized – judged by an international, independent jury of five members – 14 permanent projects and competitions and 57 temporary projects and competitions. Furthermore KÖR initiated 11 projects and competitions. The scope ranges from a public cinema on the pavement via a memorial on Mexikoplatz, through to performances of people shouting and swearing and the relaxing offer of a hammock in the traditional working-class district Margareten.

EditorKunst im öffentlichen Raum GmbH
TextsBerthold Ecker, Bettina Leidl, Michael Ludwig, Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Martina Taig, Maria Vassilakou
DesignSchienerl D/AD
DetailsHardcover, 264 pages, ills. in color and b/w
Publication date03/14
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