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Kunstraum Lakeside

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Kunstraum Lakeside in Klagenfurt is a place for the production and presentation of international contemporary art with the objective of initiating a critical discussion about socially relevant aspects of the economy. Located in the Lakeside Science & Technology Park, in the direct vicinity of Klagenfurt University, the Kunstraum operates within the dynamic interplay between scientific, academic and artistic practices. The book “Kunstraum Lakeside—Recherche” is devoted to the subject of the artistic research that arises from the institutional peculiarities of this venue for exhibitions, performances, and discourses.

EditorFranz Thalmair for Kunstraum Lakeside
TextsKarin Harrasser, Franz Thalmair
DesignStudio Kehrer
DetailsPaperback, 22 x 16 cm, 112 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date05/19
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