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What drives us, where do our fears and cravings manifest? The figure of the vampire—and its main drive, thirst—stands pars pro toto for these questions and as a mirror of mechanisms at work in our society. The dictate of productivity forces us to feed the system with our own vitality: a thirst that can never be satisfied, for every temporary appeasement only produces a new desire. This liquid nature of our time and its transformative potential are the focus of the exhibition “DURST”. The presented artistic positions explore vampirism as a broad semantic field and reveal its essential characteristics.

With Inka ter Haar, Lauren Huret, Céline Manz, Alexandra Meyer, Sarah Rechberger, Katharina Swoboda, Anne Cathrin Ulikowski, curated by Alice Wilke.

EditorsKatharina Brandl, Alice Wilke
TextsAlice Wilke, Maren Mayer-Schwieger, Katharina Brandl
DesignWolfgang Gosch
DetailsPaperback, 21 x 14,8 cm, 64 pages, 24 ills. in color
Publication date07/2020
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