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Kunstraum Weikendorf
22 Installationen. Ein Projekt von Michael Kienzer


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The village of Weikendorf in Lower Austria wanted the square around their new community center to be re-designed by an artist. Their choice fell on Michael Kienzer, who as part of his task repurposed the old fire station, turning it into an art space: Kunstraum Weikendorf. His persuasive concept, which by relying on a glass front visually connects the inside of the space with the outside, makes it possible to curate artistic interventions that change every six months. A total of 22 exhibitions have been realized since 2007, and they are now being presented in book form for the first time. The catalogue includes extensive photographic documentation and accompanying texts. Artistic contributions by, amongst others: Gerwald Rockenschaub, Bruno Gironcoli, Iris Andraschek, Hans Schabus, Johanna and Helmut Kandl

EditorMichael Kienzer, Dr. Gabriele Stöger, Bärbl Zechner
TextsArie Hartog, Dirck Möllmann, Margareta Sandhofer, Bärbl Zechner and Gabriele Stöger
DesignTom Klengel
DetailsPaperback, 28 x 21 cm, 152 pages, numerous ills. im color
Publication date10/17

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