La Broyeuse de chocolat

La Broyeuse de chocolat
100 Years of Chocolate Grinder

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This is the first publication ever to be devoted entirely to Duchamp’s Broyeuse de chocolat, and the world’s tiniest museum will—likewise for the first time ever—be changing its location and, for the duration of a whole summer, be showing the high-caliber exhibition La broyeuse de chocolat in front of the exhibition building of the Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt. The exhibition has been conceived by the artists Caroline Bachmann and Stefan Banz, the inventors and operators of the Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp. This book is a veritable treasure trove for aficionados of, and newcomers to, the “sweet” concept art of Marcel Duchamp.

EditorEdition KMD
DesignStefan Banz
DetailsHardcover, 14,3 x 11,1 cm, 210 Seiten, Abb. in Farbe
Publication date01/13

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