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Lena Schramm – Ecstasy

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Ever since there have been Ecstasy tablets, symbols and logos have been pressed upon them. Brandname commodities and the producers of luxury articles take their place alongside stuffed animals, superheroes, and villains. The sheer number of signs upon the tablets reflects in miniature format a late capitalism that is oriented towards marketing. Lena Schramm has assembled symbols and logos from the last thirty years in a lexicon and in paintings. The central work is Schramm’s large-format painting upon which 572 tablets are depicted. The accompanying lexicon lists and explains the painted tablets alphabetically. It is possible to correlate image and text with the help of a pictorial key. The lexicon conveys an overview of the illegal drug and shows the contradictions between a capitalist commodity-aesthetic and the chemically induced feeling of love.

EditorKai Erdmann
TextsChristoph Nebgen, Ingo Niermann, Adriano Sack, Lena Schramm, Wolfgang Ullrich, Thomas Wollheim
DesignBobbi Fleisch
DetailsSoftcover, 24 x 16 cm, 194 pages, 48 ills. in color
Publication date05/2022
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