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Liquid Loft
Shiny Shiny


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These are images of illusory worlds in which the bodies of the performers are reflected, conceived—perhaps—as counterworlds, ar­tificial paradises, utopian landscapes, synchro­nized in a temporality that incessantly splits the present into feedback loops, and which in this publication “Shiny Shiny,” thus capture the very moment that is fundamental to the art of the Austrian performance company Liquid Loft. The picturesque photographic images, shot during the choreographic production work, serve to further underscore the original hall­mark of their work.

Authors from the disciplines of dance, theatre, film, music and architecture have been invited to engage associatively in their texts with Liquid Loft’s universe of ideas and, in that sense, to expand the view of contemporary dance.

EditorLiquid Loft
TextsLorenzo De Chiffre, Thomas Edlinger, Stefan Grissemann, Irmela Kästner, Uwe Mattheiß, KT Zakravksy
SoundAndreas Berger via Download Code
Designmetaphor: Natalie Dietrich, Michael Jung
DetailsHardcover, 120 pages, 22 x 29 cm, numerous ills. in color
Publication date09/2020

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