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Livia Di Giovanna

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Livia Di Giovanna’s video installations, photographs and objects subtly eliminate the boundaries between reality, projection and reflexion. Her investigations of space, time, architecture, movement and light are based on decisions concerning dimensions, scale and volume, the production and direction of light, the character of surfaces and spatial relationships. In her earlier works she focused primarily on the physical and technical characteristics of her chosen materials rather than engaging in narrative allusions or representations of the external world. In contrast, the two new video installations produced especially for the exhibition demonstrate the artist’s interest in the connection between the real and the imaginary by subtly deconstructing subject matter from her environment. When Livia Di Giovanna demonstrates the surreal and strange in apparently normal areas of the real world it becomes apparent which aspect is central in these works: the investigation of the medium of video itself. Livia Di Giovanna's most comprehensive solo show at Kunsthaus Pasquart is accompanied by a richly illustrated publication.

EditorKunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart Biel/Bienne
TextsUlrich Loock, Felicity Lunn
DesignBüro 146. Maike Hamacher, Valentin Hindermann and Madeleine Stahel with Tiziana Artemisio
DetailsPaperback, 21,1 x 15,8 cm, 238 pages, 117 ills. in color
Publication date11/17
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