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Luisa Kasalicky
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Luisa Kasalicky’s work gravitates toward that border area where painting, sculpture and architecture overlap. Having trained as a painter and graphic artist, she discovered the third dimension for her work early on and has retained her predilection for it ever since. Her multilayered installations, which regularly use the most diverse materials, colours and objects, test the surrounding space for its dynamism and observers for the sharpness of their perception. The bibliophilic catalogue documents the installation, which the artist has designed specifically with the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz in mind as well as her latest works. Luisa Kasalicky (*1974, Prague) attended the Glass College in Kramsach/Tyrol before studying painting and graphic arts at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. She lives in Vienna, where she has held the post of an assistant to Professor Erwin Bohatsch at the Academy of Fine Arts since 2009.

EditorLENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, Stella Rollig
TextsLuisa Kasalicky, Nina Kirsch, Siegfried Zaworka
DesignStefanie Schwarzwimmer
DetailsHardcover, 56 pages, 40 ills. in color, 5 ills. in b/w
Publication date01/14
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