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Marko Lulić


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Sculpture, large-scale installations, video, posters, lettering, and works in public space are the artist’s preferred media, which Marko Lulić will bring together in a completely new constellation in the exhibition space. Utopian aspects of the twentieth century are analyzed, translated and queried here. Architecture and display, central themes in his work, become the means of a restaging in the museum.
Since 2000, Lulić has been investigating Yugoslavian and International Modernism. He addresses the relationships of form and ideology and the relation between body and representation in different political contexts.
Since the late 1990s Marko Lulić has exhibited in Austria and around the world, most recently at the Chicago Architecture Biennial and in the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. His work has been distinguished with many awards. The publication accompanied the exhibition at the LENTOS.

EditorLENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, Hemma Schmutz, Wilfried Kuehn
TextsBranka Benčić, Jörg Heiser, Hemma Schmutz
DesignMane Radmanović
DetailsPaperback, 27 x 21 cm, 336 pages, numerous ills. in color and b/w
Publication date01/18
ConversationWilfried Kuehn with Marko Lulić
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