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Marko Zink
Zwischen Spiel und Durchdringung


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For this overwhelmingly beautiful and expressive under water staging, Marko Zink traveled to Greece each summer from 2004 to 2012, to capture his dreamed-up realities with an analog camera. Lifeless clothes and everyday consumer goods float through the sea at different times of the day and are brought to life by Zink.
A curtain, which opens the stage for Zink’s under water theater, seems like an incidentally (or maybe not) floating fisher net, elegant high heels appear as just taken off, dancing over the sea ground, a red burka transforms into a Ballerina Española and morphs into a bright red kraken. „At first glance, Marko Zink’s series "swimmers" is an easy game, sometimes turning profoundly serious. There, polar opposites penetrate each other, what is incompatible becomes compatible. There, images begin to oscillate just as invisible inner flows of water, this matter becomes ambivalent, and no-one knows whether one will surface, swim on or drown.“ (from the prologue by Diethard Leopold)

EditorMarko Zink
TextsDiethard Leopold, Esther Mlenek, Marija Nujic, Maria Magdalena Pressel, Günter Schönberger, Bettina Schulz, Ingo Springenschmid, Marko Zink
PhotographyMarko Zink
DesignSchrägstrich Kommunikationsdesign
DetailsPaperback, 33,2 x 24 cm, 100 pages, 47 ills. in color
Publication date06/17
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