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Martha Jungwirth
Panta Rhei


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“Panta Rhei” (“Everything flows”), the aphorism attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, is also the title of Martha Jungwirth’s exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Ravensburg, which represents the most extensive presentation of the Austrian artist in Germany thus far. Both the exhibition and this accompanying catalog present Jungwirth’s key works from the 1970s onwards, with a focus on her watercolors. “A blot is a blot is a blot, be it an intelligent one or a stupid one, nothing else,” professes the artist. In her gesturally painted watercolor images, Jungwirth applies color stains, smears or playful patterns of lines in soft, colored, transparent layers to paper. Here, she sees her de facto automatic act of painting as an energy process into which she integrates her personal impressions and emotions: “My painting is tied to me, to the moment, to the lithe hand, the swift eye, the good leg work, the uncontrolled release of the flow, the unity of time and ingestion, to the happy moment,” wrote Jungwirth back in 1988.

EditorKunstmuseum Ravensburg, Ute Stuffer
PrefaceUte Stuffer
TextsKristina Groß, Martha Jungwirth, Thomas Mießgang, Alfred Schmeller
InterviewMartha Jungwirth and Hans-Ulrich Obrist
DesignDelia Keller | Gestaltung Berlin
DetailsPaperback, 33 x 24 cm, 136 pages, 53 ills. in color
Publication date10/18
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