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Monika Kus-Picco – Floating

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The catalog Floating was published in accompaniment of the exhibition of the same name at Osthaus Museum Hagen. It provides an overview of the artist's recent works, which deal with constant change, becoming and passing.
Since the beginning of 2018, Monika Kus-Picco has been working exclusively with medicines that serve as pigments. This involves using "expired" medical products and liquids instead of industrially produced paints and pigments, which are then applied to the canvas. This gestural, physical process gives the paintings a novel color palette and a startling inner tension. The paintings without beginning and end are reminiscent of the all over structures of Abstract Expressionism of the 1960s. The pharmaceutical material, which has deep associations, gives rise to completely new worlds of color. Monika Kus-Picco crosses the dividing line between natural science and art. The invisible modes of action of medicines are visualized and given a visible form reminiscent of cosmic processes. Medicine is not depicted, it depicts itself.

EditorOsthaus Museum Hagen
TextsTalina Bauer, Tayfun Belgin, Monika Kus-Picco
DesignRaphael Drechsel, Paul Jochum
DetailsHardcover, 22 x 30 cm, 80 pages, 34 ills. in color
Publication date07/2022
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