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Nancy Wälti

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In her sculptures, Nancy Wälti (born in 1977), a trained Swiss stone sculptor, rejects familiar materials and wittily questions the term “sculpture”. Usually very simple and produced using basic commodities such as sponges, ashtrays, tea towels, garbage bins and outdoor lights, her works do have a connection with everyday life but they transform it in a surreal way. Her focus is often on the basic nature and uses of the items in question, raising a wide range of existential and social questions. Carefully chosen, eloquent titles underscore the artist’s intentions. The catalogue accompanies her first major solo show.

TextsSimon Baur, Anna Bürkli, Christoph Vögele
DesignElisabeth Schwarzenbeck
DetailsPaperback, 31 x 21,7 cm, 96 pages, ills. in color
Publication date06/17
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