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Norbert Pümpel
Alles ist bedeutend oder unbedeutend gleichermaßen

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Norbert Pümpel started with entropic drawings in the mid-1970s. He addresses complex scientific questions that identify him as a persistent basic researcher in the field of art and science. In his work, he repeatedly takes a stand on socio-political developments and, in particular with the “Scientific Disaster” works, poses the question of ethical responsibility for scientific research. With the large-format picture “Die Moderne taugt nicht zwingend zur Verbesserung der Welt” (Modernity is not necessarily good for improving the world), he makes a clear statement against naive belief in progress and scientific omnipotence fantasies. The most recent, mostly three-dimensional works revolve around materiality, information and imagination in a simple, reduced formal language.

EditorNorbert Pümpel
TextsHarald Kimpel, Ilse Somavilla
DesignNorbert Pümpel
DetailsPaperback, 120 pages, 23 x 21 cm, 83 ills. in color
Publication date08/2020
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