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Olaf Nicolai


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For the exhibition BAU [ SPIEL ] HAUS, Neues Museum in Nuremberg, supported by the Bauhaus Today Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, has issued an ambitious, three-part publication to mark the 100thanniversary of the Bauhaus school of design – a catalog, a reader and an artist’s book. The concept for the project was produced by artist Olaf Nicolai, who, together with design studio Daily Dialogue (Maximilian Schachtner, Malin Schoenberg, Marie Damageux), was also responsible for the design. The catalog documents the exhibition curated by Thomas Hensel and Robert Eikmeyer, with its focus on the subject of play – as a fundamental element of the creative process – with more than 100 works from over 100 years. One particular highlight is the presentation by American artist Liam Gillick. The reader brings together more than XX texts by historical and contemporary international authors – from Friedrich Fröbel to Bazon Brock. The artist’s book by Olaf Nicolai contains X large-formatposters for readers to fold out and includes an arts-and-crafts sheet and short texts by the artist.

PrefaceEva Kraus
Texts (Catalogue)Thomas Hensel, Marian Wild, Robert Eikmeyer
Texts (Reader)Christoph Michels, Chris Steyaert, Liam Gillick, Victor Papanek, Richard Florida, David and Tom Kelley, Andreas Reckwitz, John Dewey, Bazon Brock, Harald Ludwig, Fred Turner, Lars Konzack, Fabienne Eggelhöfer, James Hennessey, Susan Snodgrass, Chris Anderson, Van Bo Le-Mentzel
DesignOlaf Nicolai with Maximilian Schachtner / Daily Dialogue
DetailsPaperback, 3 volumes in a plastic bag, 3 formats (33 x 25, 30 x 21 and 23,5 x 16,5 cm), 510 pages, 6 posters, numerous ills. in color
Publication date04/19
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