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Olaf Osten


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As we all know, our orientation system consisting of a combination of time and space guides our everyday life. But does this have to be the case? Are the resultant dynamics inevitable? Olaf Osten is interested in when we set off for somewhere, when we stay somewhere, and where this somewhere might be. Using drawings, paintings and film, he asks about the reasons that guide us. This book documents his work and his exhibitions over the past five years.

The term “Gebiet” (area, territory) appears to describe a sphere of influence that can be either a place or a field of knowledge. Whose territory might this be? Who or what holds sway over us? Over whom or what do we hold sway? Who and what locates us where and when? What are we familiar with? In other words, what is our territory?

EditorsNina Schedlmayer, Olaf Osten
TextsBoris Kostadinov, Nina Schedlmayer
DesignOlaf Osten
DetailsHardcover, 30 x 21 cm 116 pages, 49 ills.
Publication date08/2019
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