Oliver Ross
Monograph 1991–2019


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Oliver Ross's art pulsates between chaos and order, movement and fixation, big and small, high and low. What is space, what should the soul be, who are the others and what do we want to do here? What is art good for? The first monograph by Oliver Ross traces the development of these ontological questions and relationships. Traditional codes of our culture are found in the trivial, the banal becomes art. Ross' world oscillates between program (text) and material quality: patterns and clusters. And the colors bring joy to the shapes!

EditorOliver Ross
TextsAnna Blume jr., Bernh. Joh. Blume, Wolf Jahn, Oliver Ross, Hermann Schmitz, Ludwig Seyfarth
DesignOliver Ross
LanguageGerman and English edition
DetailsHardcover, 279 pages, 28 x 22 cm, 269 ills. in color
Publication date09/2020
ISBN German Edition978-3-903796-19-5
ISBN English Edition978-3-903796-23-2
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