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One Rock Upon Another
Stefan Banz. 6 Essays zu Marcel Duchamp, Jules Verne, Max Bill, Joseph Beuys, Fischli | Weiss und Ai Weiwei


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In his captivating essays, the renowned Duchamp expert ­Stefan Banz explains, among other things, why it was not ­Walter Hopps who mounted Duchamp’s first solo exhibition in a public institution but Max Bill, or what exactly Joseph Beuys had misunderstood about Duchamp when he performed The Silence of Marcel Duchamp is Overrated, or how Fischli & Weiss appropriated Duchamp’s unrealized idea for a work titled Équilibre, or that Ai Weiwei cites Duchamp in almost all his major works, and the tremendous influence that Jules Verne had on the artistic approach of this great avant-gardist.

EditorLes Éditions KMD
TextsStefan Banz
DesignStefan Banz
DetailsHardcover, 22 x 16 cm, 416 pages, 80 ills. in color
Publication date05/18
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