Paweł Althamer
Cosmic Order

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The renowned Polish contemporary artist is known for his participatory art projects, figurative sculptures and performative self-portraits. In the Lentos he showed a large-scale installation that was created in collaboration with international artists, based on a landscape inspired by the Dogon culture.
Paweł Althamer relies on social cooperation and the inclusion of his environment and the people close to him. With his projects he questions social structures and networks in order to not seldomly inscribe himself into them in a new way. In the great hall of the Lentos, in collaboration with Bruno Althamer, Youssouf Dara, Jonathan Dellago, Józef Gałązka, Piotr Grzegorek, Camille Holowka, Eva Höll, Robert Sosnowski and Rafał Żurek, he created such landscape dominated by earth, clay and wood. Exhibition shots and analytical texts by Massimiliano Gioni and Walter Seidl throw additional light on Althamer’s approach. A supplementary photo documentation focuses both on the genesis of the exhibition and on the afterlife and relaunch of the sculptures from Linz for the exhibition titled „Unerwartet" at neugerriemschneider, Berlin.

EditorLentos Kunstmuseum Linz
TextsMassimiliano Gioni, Hemma Schmutz, Walter Seidl
DesignAbteilung eins
DetailsSoftcover, 80 pages, 23 x 29.7 cm, 78 ills. in color
Publication date08/2021
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