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Räume kreativer Nutzung
Potenziale für Wien


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Artistic, cultural and creative achievements not only allow local roots to be emphasized and a local identity fostered, they also lay valuable foundations for political participation and not least for innovation, employment and a competitive edge. The cultural and business/creative potentials of cities and their inhabitants are also highlighted in urban transformation processes. This gives rise to a new relationship of urban production to urban space. Urban manufacturing is again turning into an important factor for the economic prosperity of the city and therefore also for the renewal of its urban potential. These processes are also underway in Vienna, where urban planners are also addressing the issues of vacancies and temporary usages. This study seeks to outline the potential of creative repurposing of space in Vienna and ormulate guidelines for strategic support for this potential. The central questions the study asks are: What is the relationship between creative usages and urban space? And: How can the city influence and stimulate the development of creative usages in the individual city districts? There is one basic and crucial precondition that needs to be met in order to integrate the study’s findings into Vienna’s development: Handling creative usages itself requires political and planning action to be just as creative and diverse.

Editordeparture, das Kreativzentrum der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien/departure, the Creative Unit of the Vienna Business Agency
TextsSiri Frech, Luc Knödler, Xenia Kopf, Klaus Overmeyer, Veronika Ratzenböck, Rudolf Scheuvens, Anja Steglich
DetailsHardcover, 232 pages, ills. in color
Publication Date01/14

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