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Rebecca Horn
Body Fantasies


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In what is meanwhile an œuvre spanning fifty years, Rebecca Horn (*1944) has created her own symbolic cosmos which, through its openness and poetry, continues to have a profound impact today. In her works, the artist choreographs movements of people and machines. The mechanical motor function of the body and a fantastical dance of objects thereby come to express emotions, the movements of human sensibility. Rebecca Horn’s works include bodily instruments and actions, films, kinetic sculptures, and installations. In the presentation Fantasies of the Body, which combines the early performative works and later kinetic sculptures so as to emphasisee developments within her oeuvre, the major focus is on the transformational processes of body and machine.

The exhibition of the Museum Tinguely is accompanied by a catalogue which includes essays by Sandra Beate Reimann, Antje von Graevenitz, Stefan Zweifel et al., contains numerous colour illustrations as well as texts, poems, and quotations by Rebecca Horn, and presents quotations from works by authors who have a particular relevance for her. A richly illustrated chronology at the end of the catalogue offers a wide range of insights into the development of Rebecca Horn’s oeuvre and its interconnection with her biography.

EditorMuseum Tinguely, Basel
PrefaceRoland Wenzel
TextsSandra Beate Reimann, Stefan Zweifel, Antje von Graevenitz, Barbara Engelbach, Valentina Ravaglia, Lynette Roth
DesignGREAT, Vienna
DetailsPaperback, 160 pages, 190 ills. in color
Publication date06/19
ISBN (English Edition)978-3-903269-67-5
ISBN (German Edition)978-3-903269-77-4
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