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During the period from 1988 to 2018, the project Art in Public Space for Lower Austria saw more than 40 art projects realized that address the complex times in the country’s history and comprise memorials, monuments, compositions, films, temporary installations and the museum ERLAUF ERINNERT. Here, the objective of Art in Public Space is to create a culture of active remembrance that is based on an examination of the Nazi past and the expulsion, persecution and discrimination that took place in the individual municipalities of Lower Austria. In times of populist politics, where racist utterances are part of everyday sociopolitical discourse, art makes an important social contribution and initiates dialogs about the problems of the Nazi period. This book documents the individual projects within Lower Austria and includes texts by historians Aleida Assmann and Robert Streibel, who focus on the topics of Nazism and the Holocaust in their respective areas of research.

EditorKatharina Blaas-Pratscher, Cornelia Offergeld, The Government of Lower Austria
TextsAleida Assmann, Cornelia Offergeld, Robert Streibel
Designalthaler + oblasser – Angela Althaler
DetailsPaperback, 25 x 17 cm, 182 pages, 112 ills. in color, 3 ills. in b/w
Publication date11/18
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