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Ruth Weigand – Other Thoughts

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“Ruth Weigand’s works elude contemporary trends and current discourses. [..] They appear to be divorced from time, intangible, while they are paradoxically primarily distinguished by one aspect: their unconditional presence.” (Jari Ortwig)

Ruth Weigand (*1978) works across media with a focus on sculpture. She explores physicality, temporality, and materiality in an experimental and intuitive way. In doing so, she forms graphically organized, expansive structures of ceramics that sound out the limits and possibilities of the material. Her half reliefs of delicately colored plaster play with the idea of impermanence, of the fragmentary, of the trace. Ruth Weigand develops her own poetic, sometimes seemingly ornamental language of form, which reveals its “magic from its implied succinct imperfection.” (Jari Ortwig)

Other Thoughts provides an overview of Ruth Weigand’s work, with a focus on her solo exhibition of the same name from 2021 in KunstWerk Köln.

EditorKunstWerk Köln e.V.
TextsJari Ortwig, Dominic Eichler
DesignNina Maria Küchler
DetailsHardcover, 27 x 21,5 cm, 79 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date10/2022
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