Salt Sugar Umschlag

Salt & Sugar … No Sugar, No Salt
Cildo Meireles, Antoni Muntadas

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Cildo Meireles and Antoni Muntadas divided the space of the Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp vertically with a transparent partition. On one side they built a pile of sugar, on the other a pile of salt. The effect is like two mountains touching each other but made of two different materials—both of them, obviously, white. It’s a wonderful collaboration referencing friendship, conversation, landscape, humor, walking, climbing, and much else besides. The publication was designed by Stefan Banz.

EditorEdition KMD
TextsIria Candela
DesignStefan Banz
LanguageLinen, 14 x 11 cm, 128 pages, 69 ill
Publication date05/12
PhotographStefan Banz

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