Sergei Sviatchenko – Close Up And Private
Modern Classicist. A man’s guide to look at the details.

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The recognition can come in many ways and certainly takes you by surprise. That is what happened when Sergei Sviatchenko after many years of practicing as a visual artist, discovered the blogging culture in the two-thousands, and used it for his art photo project Close Up And Private,

Creating the images of men’s clothing in a way which he usually works with his collage principles, brought him towards a large audience of people of different ages, all united by an interest in details, quality, and heritage or what he calls “visual language of style”.

The nominations for “The Best Dressed Man”, “the winner of the World Blazer Competition”, countless interviews and editorials followed, but what is the most important? The project (or the site) became a “has become the regular go-to site for many men on a what-to-wear mission each morning”.

EditorSergei Sviatchenko
TextsSergei Sviatchenko, Jason Jules, Christian Kortegaard Madsen
DesignSergei Sviatchenko, Per Freundlich Andersen
DetailsSoftcover, 27.8 x 20 cm, 349 pages, 160 ills. in color
Publication date10/2022
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