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Simone Carneiro


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One leafs through Simone Carneiro’s book as if it were a three-dimensional body composed of a theoretically infinite number of layers of psychedelic or geometrical abstract images with isolated allusions to medial figuration. Their origin cannot be explained through purely formal observation.

The selection of images published under the enigmatic title “Exscta” can be read as a condensed insight into Simone Carneiro’s method of working. Specifically, her work is based on experiments with various devices and the possibilities of generating pictorial motifs, which on the one hand expand the aspects of control and chance in the artistic process and on the other question and explore the relationship between visual abstraction and technology.

The abstract image is placed in a new contemporary context and connected to the world we live in, which is increasingly dominated by computers and machinery.

EditorSimone Carneiro
TextSynne Genzmer
DesignIsmini Adami
DetailsPaperback, 22 x 15 cm, 350 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date01/2018
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