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Sofie Thorsen
Chalk Lines

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The book brings together a series of works by Thorsen from 2013–2019, the focus of which is on questions of space, drawing, surface, line and body. The chalk line plays a central role in these works, a tool that is used in construction and craft for the temporary marking of straight lines: by stretching and then striking a cord covered with chalk or charcoal, an imprint is left on a surface. In some works, the chalk line technique is used directly on the wall to record perspective room formations and to thematize the wall itself. In others, the focus is on the quality of the line on the surfaces, the connection between textile, body and space.
The focus is always on the character of the line, its quality as a snapshot of a controlled action—letting go of the taut cord—and the interaction with the behavior of the pigments, which can then no longer be controlled.

EditorSofie Thorsen
PrefaceJasper Sharp
TextsChristina Nägele, Christian Teckert, Verena Gamper, Ilse Lafer
DesignMartha Stutteregger
DetailsHardcover, 26,5 x 22 cm, 184 pages, 107 ills. in color
Publication date11/2021
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