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Sonja Feldmeier
based on a true story


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“based on a true story” presents a new work complex by Sonja Feldmeier, that is highly ramified both in terms of its content and of the media it uses. A spectacular tree-felling in Northern India challenged the artist to document the event and to think ahead in an inventive manner. Her video work “The Peepul Tree” explores the sacrilege against a sacred natural monument; stills from the video accompany the artist’s on-site logbook. A series of large-format, opulent pictures explores the protagonists’ “inside views”. The idiosyncratic pictorial constructions of “The Peepul Tree” are based on the artist’s synesthetic perception, which also has acoustic reverberations—QR codes allow users to call up sound compositions specially developed for “The Peepul Tree”. Moreover, the book assembles essays by authors active in interdisciplinary fields who shed light on Feldmeier’s work from different perspectives.

EditorSibylle Ryser
TextsSamuel Herzog, Daniel Morgenthaler, Senjuti Mukherjee
DesignSibylle Ryser
DetailsPaperback, 32 x 27 cm, 92 pages, approx. 60 ills. in color
Publication date10/2019
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