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Standing at the center of Stephanie Senge’s publication created on the occasion of her solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Göppingen is the collection of consumer goods, stored in her Berlin studio, which she has been gathering for more than twenty years from supermarkets and discount stores around the entire world. Out of these commodities—ranging from attentive-instead-of-agitated water past pacemaker-chewing-gum all the way to revolution-razor—she develops her sculptures, installations, actions, and lectures in public spaces. The concept and consumption artist counters the packaging of our consumer products, which unfortunately continues for the most part to be made of plastic, with her suffragette sculptures made of plaster. Is it possible as an active consumer to make purchases with awareness? Can one have a sense of consumer responsibility in a supermarket? Stephanie Senge also presents with humor a feminism that can be practiced on a daily basis. The publication serves simultaneously as the archive for a part of Senge’s collection—in analogy to a library arranged according to key words such as Time, Thought / Mind, Community, Political Terms, and Nature. Along with a statement by the artist, it includes texts by Melanie Ardjah, Bazon Brock, Eva Paulitsch, Eva Tillig and Wolfgang Ullrich about the oeuvre of the artist.

EditorDr. Melanie Ardjah, Kunsthalle Göppingen
TextsMelanie Ardjah, Bazon Brock, Eva Paulitsch, Stephanie Senge, Eva Tillig, Wolfgang Ullrich
DesignAnne Rude
DetailsSoftcover, 22 x 16 cm, 544 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date10/2022
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