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Sven Kalden

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The German word for pattern (Muster) has a double meaning and is used to describe both the ornamental and repetitive pattern as well as something that is representative of an entire field or group. In this latter definition, the works chosen and shown here can be understood as exemplary and important works by Sven Kalden from a period covering more than 20 years. When compiling these, it was important to us to bring out the thematic and aesthetic links and points of intersection between the works.

Fragmentation, dissolution and isolation are central aspects that are explored again and again. Furthermore, references to the media, in particular cinematic history and artistic role models, were also of significance. Sven Kalden’s approach, which takes a closer look at social conflicts using simple forms, patterns or templates, results in a tension-packed relationship. The free form and the socio-political context interact in such a way as to mutually charge and enhance on another.

EditorMatthias Reichelt
TextsBoris Abel, Shlomit Baumann, Prof. Dr. Rainer Mausfeld, Matthias Reichelt, Prof. Bernd Senf, Sabine Winkler
DesignMichael Rudolph
DetailsPaperback with A1 size poster, 128 pages, 31 x 21 cm, 71 ills. in color
Publication date12/2020
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