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The Dissident Goddesses’ Network #2
Fanny vom Galgenberg


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The second goddesses’ book is dedicated to Fanny vom Galgenberg, one of the oldest sculptures in the world, discovered in Lower Austria.

The little goddesses’ books are an important communicative instrument that serves to connect the scientific, artistic and regional dimensions of the project “The Dissident Goddesses’ Network”, science to public. The beautifully designed little books support the project in making the results and findings of archeology known to a wide audience. The project objective is to strengthen women’s self-image in terms of their importance and performance within a regional economy. The prehistoric figurines are brought back into play as symbols of female identification. Each of the books is dedicated to one of the following prehistoric figurines, some of them found in Lower Austria: Venus of Willendorf, Fanny of Galgenberg, Katharina of Falkenstein, Venus of Dolní Věstonice and an Imaginary Venus.

The Franco-Chilean artist Federica Matta is responsible for the artistic design of the five goddess books. She animates the group of figurines in her drawings and makes them appear like in an imaginary theater.

EditorThe Dissident Goddesses’ Network with Forum Morgen
TextsChristine Neugebauer-Maresch, Arantzazu Saratxaga Arregi
InterviewRomana Schuler with the twin sisters Viktoria and Sandra Hochmayer
DesignVdg Grafik Christian Sageder
DetailsPaperback, 14 x 12 cm, 52 pages, 31 ills. in color
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