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The Mysterious World – Natalia LL

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Natalia LL radically broke with the cool rationalism of conceptual art in the 1970s. With her series of pictures of young women eating bananas, sausages or ice cream with relish she created iconic feminist images: Consumer Art. The promise of sensuality and eroticism in conventional advertising messages is articulated in her works as a self-confident feminist stance.
The themes of longing and fantasies, dreams and the irrational are important points of reference in Natalia LL's oeuvre. She expands the boundaries of rational experience and sexualised physicality into realms of the mystical, shamanistic and transcendental in the manner of a performance and documentary. The catalogue is accompanying the retrospective „The Mysterious World – Natalia LL“, at Francisco Carolinum in Linz.

EditorsAlfred Weidinger, Nathalie Hoyos, Rainald Schumacher
TextsZofia Krawiec, Anna Kutaj-Markowska, Marika Kuźmicz
DesignBureau Est, Leipzig/Paris
DetailsHardcover 25.5 x 19.8 cm, 128 pages, 85 ills. in color
Publication date07/2021

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