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The Vujičić Collection
To Live a Quiet Life

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The Vujičić Collection represents a continuous process of discovering visual art practices in Croatia and other countries in the region from the 1950s to the present with the aim of establishing a permanent dialogue between artists, curators, institutions, and private collectors.

This book, To Live a Quiet Life, can be understood, then, as a discussion about an art collection (based in Zagreb) that, to a large degree, focuses on works, practices, and movements originating in Croatia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia in the period after the Second World War. But more than this, it must also be understood as an individual’s personal yet remarkably precise view on the evolution of artistic ideas that, in the international arena, have long created a space for critical reflection on art, society, and everyday life.

EditorTevž Logar
TextsAna Janevski, Tevž Logar, Denis Vujičić
DesignRafaela Dražić
LanguageEnglish, Croatian
DetailsHardcover, English / Croatian, 27,6 cm X 20,6 cm , 320 pages, num. ills. in color
Publication date01/2024
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