Till Velten

Till Velten – Die andere Maria
Ein Zeichenspiel zu Stigmata in vier Akten

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At the beginning of Till Velten’s processual and conceptual work “The Other Maria” is an idea, his idea; pictures are what remain at the end, pictures not painted by him.

––(Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath)

In various situations, Till Velten creates sculptures out of conversations, discussions and actions together with persons from different spheres such as politics, culture, the economy, or science. These temporary occurrences are given permanently visual expression through the pictures and ceramics that remain visible at the end. In this project, it was “Prints of Apples and Potatoes” that were produced during the events at the Cabaret Voltaire. But it is not Till Velten who is the creator of these works; they arose through someone else, namely the title-endowing Other Mary. This is a figure, searched for by Till Velten, to whom questions involving wonders, mysticism, and stigmata are connected. Represented by her, Till Velten enters into a field of christological themes and expands it past all denominational categories, opening it into a wide spectrum extending from trivial everyday life with the salvation offered by health resorts all the way to ritual practices in medicine, religion, and art.

What has been created is an art-edition portfolio that transfers actions into the medium of an edition

Contents of the Cassette:

1 Program guide about the various events, on the back a text by Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath, format open 510 x 720mm folded to 255 x 360mm

5 Color prints (floral pictures for the program events and a picture of fog), format 255 x 360mm

8 Color prints (apple prints by Claudia Fellner), format open 510 x 720mm folded to 255 x 360mm

EditorTill Velten, Johannes Rauchenberger
TextAngelika Affentranger-Kirchrath
DesignUrs Stuber, Frauenfeld Schweiz
DetailsPaper-Covered cassette 38 x 28 cm
Publication date12/2021
Edition50 copies numbered and signed
Till Velten Ansicht
Apfeldruck 1
Apfeldruck 2
Apfeldruck 3

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