Unter 30 X 2016

Unter 30 XII. Jeune Art Suisse
Kiefer Hablitzel Preis 2016


€25.45 (excl. VAT)

The Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation bestows annual awards on young, up-and-coming artists. Following a multi-stage selection process, the prizewinners were invited to the Swiss Art Awards during Art Basel. A renowned jury selects the award winners who in the exhibition »unter 30« [under 30] are also given the opportunity to present new works in an
institutional context. In 2016 this exhibition will take place at Le Commun offering an insight into young Swiss art. It gives us great pleasure to present the prizewinners of 2016: Brigham Baker, Lorenzo Bernet, Chloé Delarue, Selina Grüter & Michèle Graf, Marc Hunziker, Daniel V. Keller, Flora Klein, Yoan Mudry, Mathias Ringgenberg

EditorKiefer Hablitzel Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Ville de Genève, Verlag für moderne Kunst
TextsDaniel Baumann, Séverine Fromaigeat, Meret Kaufmann, Eva Kenny, Gioia Dal Molin, Denis Pernet
DesignRob van Leijsen
DetailsPaperback, 24,3 x 17,3 cm, 192 pages, ills. in color
Publication date11/16
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