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Werner Reiterer
Take a Walk on the Mind Side!


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Werner Reiterer gave to the Kunstraum Dornbirn 2020 a locked thunderstorm (“Locked in!”) and a mental hike (“Take a Walk on the Mind Side!”) and designed a further leading publication for both installations. Solely texts by the artist accompany the images designed as film sequences and give an insight into the thoughts of the artist. The combination of different fields of knowledge such as philosophy, economics, physics and art generate confusing as well as illuminating insights about our life in our time.

EditorsKunstraum Dornbirn, Thomas Häusle
TextsWerner Reiterer
DesignStefan Amann/proxi, Werner Reiterer
DetailsPaperback, 96 pages, 28 x 20 cm, 35 ills. in color (26 double spread ills.)
Publication date08/2020
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