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Husar Dot Solar
Sulfur Bath

€17.70 (excl. VAT)

This art bath is guiding your being into homeostasis. The primordial soup experience releases the mind from narratives and agendas, delights the DNA with new degrees of freedom and touches our most inner truth of pure peace.

Apply multidimensional awareness to everything. Collaps into the now with one spoon of the powder in your tub. Enjoy deep diving in between 15 to 20 minutes, 2 times a week.

The open edition is signed, numbered and will be published until the earth experiences our evolution of consciousness.

Barbara Anna Husars body of work is difficult to isolate. 4.535 billion years of Earth's history; meteorites, trilobites, dragonflies, dinosaurs, cows, flocks of goats – in social sculpture, performance, animated film, oil paintings and poetry. Her research is intermedial between prehistory and the reshaping of life. Barbara Anna Husar's international activity in the exchange of information between cultures, areas of knowledge and artistic media she pictures with: “I am part, intermediate part and particle accelerator.”

ArtworkBarbara Anna Husar
DetailsMethylsulfonylmethanekalanamakdust of meteorites
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