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Aber mit Kunst kann man auch leben
Eine Ausstellung mit Mia Unverzagt in Zusammenarbeit mit Anne Hörz

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Museums and galleries generally dictate to the public what art is and how it is presented. But what is it like in private? Does it make a difference whether the art was inherited, acquired or created at home? Everyone decides for themselves what is worthy of an exhibitionis art?

In response to a call in BASF's employee newspaper, numerous people responded who had art at home: bought, inherited or produced themselves. The artist Mia Unverzagt visited, photographed and interviewed the participants. The exhibition "Aber mit Kunst kann man auch leben" provides an insight into private households, personal objects and the participants' thoughts about the art with which they have furnished themselves and live.

EditorRené Zechlin, Mia Unverzagt
TextsRené Zechlin, Anne Hörz
DesignStudio Tobias Becker, mit Raffaele Geronazzo und Anton Weise
DetailsSoftcover mit Klappenumschlag, Deutsch, 30 cm X 23 cm, 96 Seiten, 151 Illustrationen in Farbe
Publication date01/2024
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