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Transformationen – Werke aus der Sammlung der Mobiliar Genossenschaft

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Sustainability, ecology, digitalization, globalization and social change: these are the themes focussed on by the exhibition Transformations at the Museum Franz Gertsch in Burgdorf. More than 275 works created by over one hundred artists and coming from the collection of the Schweizerische Mobiliar Genossenschaft provide an exemplary demonstration of how art can accompany our individual and social capacity for transformation.

The thesis of the exhibition is that we can enhance our capacity for transformation through art. Transformations reflects the conviction that involvement with art is meaningful on various levels. Works of art offer us food for thought. They stimulate us to develop new ideas and fresh perspectives. Works of art support us in approaching themes of transformation with alertness, curiosity and courage—in both a personal and a professional environment. With vivid images and rich variation,Transformations seeks to show a wide audience how that in fact works.

The exhibition catalogue for Transformations contains more than 300 illustrations, approximately 120 short texts by well-known authors, a foreword by Michèle Rodoni, and two background essays by David Bosshart and Dorothea Strauss.

EditorDorothea Strauss / Die Mobiliar
TextsDavid Bosshart, Annette Hofmann, Britta Schröder, Dorothea Strauss, Dietrich Roeschmann
DesignStudio Achermann
DetailsSoftcover, 20.9 x 26 cm, 300 pages, approx. 300 ills. in color
Publication date03/2023
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