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Atelier 10 – now we are ten

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In the artistic landscape, Atelier 10 is an unusual project in several senses. This art platform established both an atelier for artists and a gallery for exhibitions in a former baking factory.

With the goal of filling a gap in the sponsoring and perceptual offerings of the art world, Atelier 10 primarily supports the artistic achievements of persons with health-related or cognitive disabilities.

Categories such as Art Brut or Outsider Art have been used in previous decades in order to give a name to art from this dynamic field. Atelier 10 stands for the endeavor to operate beyond these classifications and to situate art at the center of a society’s cultural life.

EditorAtelier 10
Editorial TeamGabriele Ludescher, Ann Muller, Florian Reese
TextsAstrid Kury, Gabriele Ludescher, Ann Muller, Florian Reese
DesignJohannes Lang, Katrina Wiedner
DetailsHardcover, 28 cm x 21 cm, 248 pages, 452 ills. in color
Publication date04/2022
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Art brut aus Gugging

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