Gerhard Kaiser
Images Never End


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For more than four decades now, Kaiser’s work has been characterized by shifts in formal/aesthetic direction and by a process of crossing over from one artistic genre to another. The dialogic interaction between his objects, graphic work, paintings and photography explains the multidisciplinary approach taken by his art, whose preferred form, the installation, creates and simultaneously occupies space. The surfeit of images created by our present-day media shapes our ideas and our reality. Kaiser reflects on ideas and definitions of present, past and future, bringing his own consciousness into the picture, so to speak, and recognizing reality as politically and socially alterable.

Structured by topic, the book under consideration describes in depth the genesis of an artistic work which has, from the outset, been committed to a principle of continual change. The spectrum of Kaiser’s oeuvre ranges from his early material pictures to gestural, figurative painting, objects made of plastic film, rubber cloth, acrylic glass and objets trouvés, to the use of templates and garish signal colors to assemblages, spatial installations and the use of digital images.

EditorsAlois Herrmann, Hartwig Knack
TextsLucas Gehrmann, Hartwig Knack, Peter Liaunig, Wolfgang Pauser, Alexandra Schantl, Nina Schedlmayer, Florian Steininger, Manfred Wagner
DesignAlois Herrmann
DetailsPaperback, 29,5 x 23 cm, 288 pages, 332 ills. in color and b/w
Publication date08/2019
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