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Michał Budny. Drawing Notes, Sculptures and Objects

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The double publication “Michał Budny. Drawing Notes, Sculptures and Objects ”brings together the current work of the Polish artist Michał Budny. Three extensive articles by Fanni Fetzer, Łukasz Gorczyca and Marek Troszyński talk about his graphic work as well as the haptic and poetic quality of Budny's objects.

At the beginning of Budny's work process there is a close observation of emotions, places and relationships. The artist is interested in the nature of spaces, their volume and the clash of different materials. His rhythmic drawings and fragile sculptures are often site-specific and always convey an atmosphere, a memory or a feeling. The double publication shows over a hundred illustrations of works on paper. A comprehensive documentation of objects provides a deeper understanding of his work.

EditorKunstmuseum Luzern
TextsFanni Fetzer, Łukasz Gorczyca and Marek Troszyński
DesignJakub de Barbaro
Details27.8 x 24 cm, 2 books: 111 pages, 119 ills. in color; 100 pages, 46 ills. in color
Publication date01/2021
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