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150 Positionen zur Architektur in und um Österreich. architektur in progress 1997–2017

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The high-quality, two-volume publication offers an over- view of those 150 top architectural offices that were presented as part of ‘architektur in progress’ during the course of the past 20 years.

The diversity of the positions should enable readers to understand the breadth of the contemporary architecture scene in and around Austria between 1997 and 2017.

The first volume includes the teams from A–K and the second those from L–Z. Each team and speaker is presented on a double spread alongside their “Herzblut Project”. In Volume 1, AllesWirdGut, BEHF, DMAA, EOOS and feld72, among others, demonstrate their understanding of architecture with a self-chosen image and are supplemented in Volume 2 by studios including LAAC, Pichler & Traupmann Architekten, Querkraft and UNstudio. Well-known architectural critics and journalists from across Austria portray the architectural offices, their personal approaches and special ways of working. These are complemented by statements from former members of the teams and commentaries on the scene by Verena Konrad and Laurids Ortner. The two volumes offer a comprehensive yet specific view of a heterogeneous architecture scene and its protagonists and projects of the last 20 years.

EditorVolker Dienst, architektur in progress
Editor in chiefManuela Hötzl, redaktionsbuero / Erik Czejka, Rosa Schaberl
TextsWojciech Czaja, Erik Czejka, Volker Dienst, Isabella Diessl, Barbara Feller, Tobias Hagleitner, Roman Höllbacher, Manuela Hötzl, Anne Isopp, Gabriele Kaiser, Petra Kickenweitz, Gretl Köfler, Verena Konrad, Franziska Leeb, Isabella Marboe, Christian Muhr, Christine Müller, Maik Novotny, Michaela Putz, Arno Ritter, Rosa Schaberl, Heidrun Schlögl, Robert Temel, Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen
DesignstudioVIE, Elsa Bachmeyer, Christian Schlager
DetailsSoftcover, 29 × 21 cm, 388 pages, two volumes
Publication date01/2018
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