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Jan Pleitner – The Temperatures of Time

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Jan Pleitner, born in Oldenburg in 1984, is a contemporary painter. After studying at the art academy Düsseldorf the artist is living and working in the Region of Ostfriesland in the North of Germany. He describes his psychedelic, abstract painting as "neo-expressionist" or as "scifi-expressionism”. His processual and physical pictorial invention creates its own contemporary position somewhere between the waves and impulses of the subconscious and logical concepts of perception. Painting that cannot easily be subordinated to a category and tries in a very idiosyncratic way to open doors for a new consciousness. "The Temperatures of Time" is the artist's first publication that provides a retrospective overview of his early work from 2004-2020 with key exhibitions, main works and important stations in his creative work. The book is accompanied by an interview with Hannah Eckstein and texts by Christian Malycha and Declan Long.

EditorHannah Eckstein
TextsDeclan Long, Christian Malycha
InterviewHannah Eckstein with Jan Pleitner
DesignJan Pleitner
DetailsSoftcover, 24 x 17 cm, 208 Seiten, 84 ills. in color
Publication date03/2022
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