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Marie-Françoise Robert – Lebenszeichen / Signes de Vie

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Marie-Françoise Robert (*1939) has been working daily in her studio for decades. For the first time, her artistic output is being documented, analyzed, and contextualized within the famous artistic dynasty Robert (which goes back to the nineteenth century). This undertaking fills an important gap in Swiss art history. Around two thousand delicately membraned paper collages testify to a veritable explosion of new pictorial inventions; Robert’s artistic fantasy seems to know no limits. Fascinating analyses and work descriptions are complemented by so-called oral histories that allow individual works to enter into the imaginary visual space of readers in a sort of pop-up.

EditorDolores Denaro
TextsTherese Bhattacharya-Stettler, Dolores Denaro, Jerry Haenggli, Sabine Hahnloser Tschopp, Alice Henkes, Elisabeth Llach, Thomas Pfister, Marie-Françoise Robert, Thomas Schmutz, Bernadette Walter
DesignNoëmi Sandmeier, GFF Integrative Kommunikation GmbH, Biel/Bienne
DetailsHardcover, 22 x 28,6 cm, 256 pages, 380 ills. in color
Publication date05/2022
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