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Markus Wörgötter – Affektproband

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The artist's book provides insights into the drawing and sculptural work of the last six years. Pencil drawings alternate with close-ups of sculptures whose dimensions can only be guessed at. Transcribed marginal notes associatively link biographical memories with reflections on the medium and at the same time open up a historical reference space. Modernist motifs are linked with 16th-century Mannerism and, at the same time, with dystopian narcissistic notions of fear in the tradition of Gothic fiction, alpine fantasies and baroque set pieces form bodies that are constantly in danger of being devoured by the subsoil. Drawing revolves around peculiar, humanoid-zoomorphic forms that, at once nurturing and incorporating, grow into monstrous entities. They are hybrid beings in which the allegorical connection of affect and sign gives birth to a corporeality that becomes for the viewer a trap of unpleasant associations that grow out of their own historicity.

Also available: edition of 50 pieces with Inkjet printing of the cover.

EditorMarkus Wörgötter
TextsMarkus Wörgötter
DesignClemens Schedler
DetailsSoftcover, 18 x 11,6 cm, 120 pages, 22 ills. in color & 36 ills. in b/w
Publication date04/2022
Edition of 50 (Cover Inkjet Printing)63,63 Euro (excl. VAT)
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