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Otto Hans Ressler – Heiße Tage auf Teneriffa

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If the pictures that the artist created are in his studio, the artist can not only destroy them; he can also deny having created them— as he harms no one through this. But as soon as these pictures are circulated—when they are exchanged, sold, exhibited, reproduced, etc.—this puts an immediate end to the untruthful denial of the authorship: an artist who created a work may not untruthfully say of this work that he did not create it. And this is the very focus of the matter that provided the impetus for this book.

EditorBrigitte Löw-Radeschnig
TextsBrigitte Löw-Radeschnig, Alfred J. Noll, Otto Hans Ressler, Marlene Elvira Steinz
DesignIngeburg Hausmann
DetailsHardcover, 28 x 22 cm, 184 pages, 85 ills. in color
Publication date10/2022
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