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Philip Mueller
Palio di Vita

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Palio di Vita chronicles Mueller’s Black Flamingo Sad Boys (BFSBs), the Naxos Racing Team (NRT), and residents of Tiberio Beach Resort (TBR) through a meticulously curated selection of works since the hedonist gang made their first appearance in 2016.

Known for his cacophonous, large-scale paintings, Mueller captivates viewers with intense colors and manipulation of forms. The book will delve into the BFSBs' unconventional lifestyle, as they wander from one opulent location to another, indulging in parties and pleasures and, later, as their will to party their lives away slowly diffuses into retreat, rest, and refuge.

Mueller's highly painterly works bring these characters into a new light, showcasing the influence of the Neo-Romantic movement in his art. This movement, known for its emphasis on emotions, subjectivity, and a return to the exploration of the self, adds a distinct layer to Mueller's artistic expression. Further, his fascination with this movement permeates his new compositions, as observed through his renewed focus on the natural world. These scenic works are of personal significance to the artist - of which one crucial scene unfolds in autumn, amidst a landscape he calls his birthplace.

These paintings are more than mere images; they are portals to the creative universe of the artist, inviting viewers to step into his world, where unconventional characters and surreal events converge. They serve as gateways to the depths of human emotion and this upcoming publication is an opportunity to discover the artworks in-depth.

The monograph, designed by Bueronardin and published in English by The Verlag für moderne Kunst (VFMK), will feature text by Marlies Wirth, providing further insight into Mueller's artistic vision and the narrative behind the BFSBs.

EditorNadine Knotzer & Kourosh Nouri Falegari
TextsMarlies Wirth
DetailsHardcover, 23 cm x 31 cm, 320 pages, approx. 320 ills. in color
Publication date10/2023
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